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Rabbi Toba "Trailblazer" Spitzer

The Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association will formally elect a fantastic Rabbi to steer itself at its March convention. R. Toba Spitzer is a talented darshan (homiltecist), a caring visionary, and a true progressive. Oh yeah, and a musical composer. None of these is the reason her appointment is going to get ink in the next week or two. The JTA story has a different angle:

The Reconstructionist movement tapped a lesbian rabbi to head its Rabbinical Association. Rabbi Toba Spitzer of West Newton, Mass., is to be formally elected at the movement’s March 11-14 convention.
…Spitzer’s election continues the Reconstructionist movement’s trailblazing tradition on gay and lesbian issues. In 1984, Reconstructionism became the first American Jewish movement to ordain gay rabbis, a move since followed by the Reform movement in 1990 and possibly by the Conservative movement in the coming months.

Mazal tov to Toba and the RRA. Here’s to hoping other rabbinical associations follow suit!
Update: Mik Moore just posted on the same story. He correctly points out that Rabbi Spitzer is a leader in the Congregational-Based Organizing Movement, an important Jewish Funds for Justice Program.

5 thoughts on “Rabbi Toba "Trailblazer" Spitzer

  1. also, “Reconstructionists tap lesbian rabbi” is a pretty funny (and perhaps inappropriate) for the jta article.

  2. This is great news–mazel tov Toba! Having worked with her, studied with her, and benefitted from her engagement in Boston progressive Jewish politics when I worked for Tekiah, I’m sincere in saying thatt she is a wonderful leader and that her election will take the RRA forward to great places.

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