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Raise Your Voice Against Genocide: Minna Bromberg in Concert, Kavod House Boston, Feb 17

[Update] As a Bostonian member of the Jewschool crew, I’m making sure that people know where the action is over here in Beantown. In case you haven’t heard Minna Bromberg sing before, since she’s hitting the stages less often now that she’s full time at Hebrew College Rabbinical School, her folky style and soaring voice are really something. Her songs are bright and clever, and she has some serious heart.
Minna’s playing a rare concert this Saturday night (7pm, $18+ suggested donation) at the Moishe/Kavod Social Justice House in Brookline. It’ll probably be a little squishy, but that’s okay because you’ll get to meet other progressive young Jewish types that typically flock to Kavod House events. The concert is a benefit for the American Jewish World Service’s Darfur Action Campaign. Having just returned from an AJWS delegation to El Salvador, I can say that if you are going to contribute to one organization this year that knows what they are doing and is doing the maximum amount of good, give to AJWS.
Every day, people are dying in Darfur. In this season of approaching Purim, remember that, just as Mordechai tells Esther when the Jews face genocide in Shushan, “Who knows? Perhaps for this very crisis you have [attained your position],” so too are we called on to stand up in the face of genocide.

The info:

Raise Your Voice Against Genocide: Minna Bromberg in Concert, Kavod House Boston
An evening of acoustic originals and eclectic creations
Saturday, February 17th, 7pm
Moishe/Kavod Jewish Social Justice House
165 Winthrop Rd, Apt. B, Brookline MA

The flyer below has more info about Minna:

Minna Bromberg is a singer-songwriter, rabbinical student, and teacher of Torah who brings striking passion and energy to every part of her world. She grew up on Eastern Long Island , and her rich, powerful vocals and sharp songwriting are marked indelibly by the pull of the ocean and the tang of sea air. Whether enchanting audiences with her amazing voice, reaching listeners with the unusual intensity of her extraordinary songwriting, or challenging individuals to rethink the way they see the world, Minna simply shines.


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