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Rally for Peace in Annapolis!

The rabbi’s letter garnered 517 rabbinical signers — compared to 200 and 300 the past two letters — and the Ackerman-Boustany dear colleague letter received 135 Congressional co-sponsors, also an incredible job. Thank your local Representative for signing it here. So what’s next?
Rally for peace in Annapolis! Ameinu, Americans for Peace Now, Meretz USA, Union of Progressive Zionists, Kesher Arza, Habonim Dror, Hashomer Hatzair, and Brit Tzedek v’Shalom (with an endorsement by the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation) are working to organize a Rally for Palestinian-Israeli Peace at Annapolis on Monday Nov. 26 Tuesday, Nov. 27, from 1 pm – 3 pm.  
We are organizing at least one bus from New York City to Annapolis, and invite participation from anyone who would like to drive or would like a ride to attend the rally from the Maryland/DC area. 
The rally provides an opportunity for American Jews to express their support for a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement and strong US involvement for helping Israelis and Palestinians continue the negotiations until they succeed, bringing peace and security to both peoples.   Your voice and your presence is needed.  As American Jews, we must show that our love for Israel does not only manifest itself during times of war.  We must show our solidarity with the citizens of Israel and Palestine as they work for peace.  
“Why demonstrate?” you ask? Because the right-wingers, along with Christians United for Israel, will be staging a rally at a different time and place in Annapolis. Now is the time to speak out and show the American public and the entire American Jewish community that American Jews support peace. 
If you’d like to participate in the rally or are considering joining in, please let us know that you are interested in attending.   Send an email with your name to [email protected]. When the City of Annapolis approves our permit request, we will announce additional details. Parking information and exact rally location will be announced no later than Sunday, 11/25. 
If you’re interested in riding the bus from NYC to Annapolis, please let us know at [email protected] how many spaces you and anyone else in your party will need on the bus.  Please provide your name, email and phone number and we will notify you as soon as arrangements are finalized.  A preliminary count will help us reserve the right number of buses.   Those who do ride the bus will be asked to contribute towards the fare for the bus rental:  $10 per person for students and under 25 (a possible full subsidy for the bus fare is in the works for students and under 25); $20 fare for adults over 25.   
If you’d like to arrange a ride for yourself or can offer space to others in your vehicle, please let us know at [email protected].
Please indicate in the subject line of your email the appropriate heading:

  • Interested in attending
  • Interested in riding the bus from NYC
  • Interested in driving and in offering a ride to others
  • Interested in a ride by car

The co-sponsoring organizations will offer a variety of messages which can be used on signs and banners.   Non-approved messages will not be permitted at the rally.   Our common goal is to insure that the rally is pro-Israel and conveys our support for a negotiated two-state solution.  Watch for more information. 
A list of co-sponsors is in formation.  Current co-sponsors include:
Americans for Peace Now
Meretz USA
Union of Progressive Zionists
Kesher Arza
Habonim Dror
Hashomer Hatzair
The rally has also been endorsed by the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation.

10 thoughts on “Rally for Peace in Annapolis!

  1. Suggest everyone get on the bus just as quickly as possible. We have been deceived by right wingers into vilifying the Palestinians – they just want peace, only a small marginal portion of them without influence or means object to a vibrant Jewish state in Israel. The “right of return” has been insidiously portrayed by those same right wingers – it only means the Palestinians want to show their great love of Jews and just want to live amongst and support Jews – if we only look for the good in Hamas, Hezballah, the Iranians, if we only talk to them, we will find the good of all people and solve the ME problem. Jews, acknowledge that you have caused the problem by your insistence on a state of your own, what possible reason can you have for requesting one; Jews,we know the Muslims have treated the Christian in “their” lands so well, of course the Jews can expect the same. Fellow Jews, let’s all get on that Bus – or is that a train to a location where work will make you free?

  2. Wow, that post from “incorrect.” Who knew trolls can’t master irony? (take another deep breath, reread the Soloveitchik below)
    Ok, I’m going to lower the rhetorical tone and just say that I’m proud these groups are active in Congress and working together.
    I heard a lecture yesterday suggesting that not much will happen at Annapolis but the event is refocusing conversations. AIPAC has had an internal debate about how to approach Annapolis, with the right-wingers failing to get a statement of condemnation thru the internal mechanisms.
    I will be proud to attend.

  3. fyi, since the conference has been changed to Tuesday, Nov 27, the rally has also been changed to Tuesday. all other details are the same. please join us!

  4. Wow Ann, I’m amazed you are still standing: you will be attacked here and on every college campus and in every paper of note for – racism (by claiming Jews are smart you are denigrating every other group, blacks, browns, native americans, transgendered left handers, etc. for being dumb); by observing any differences between groups, you are being insensitive, accepting of long disproved metrics reflecting America’s racist past; by indicating that Arabs don’t want the same things we do – after all, we are all humans, we all want the same things for our children, our society, we just need to sit down and talk and all good will follows – you are particularistic – and by indicating Muslims might have different goals than we, you are indicting that differences between people means that some traits are better than others – if Muslim societies subjugate women, endorse beheading, and provide for honour killings, that’s just their way of doing things, it doesn’t make them worse than us, just different.
    Anne, head for the hills.

  5. Are 517 rabbis — among them several of the Forward 50, heads of the biggest shuls from NYC to Chicago to LA, and leaders of the URJ and each of the major seminaries of each movement — ultra-left?
    Hm….who’s ultra-what now?

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