Rebuilding the North Service Trip

The Jewish Coalition for Service is sponsoring a service trip to Israel to help with rebuilding the areas most hit by the recent war. It’s for folks aged 22-35, it’s December 25-January 5 (but they seem to indicate that you could stay on in Israel longer than that), and the cost is subsidized, so participants pay only $180 to cover airfare, food, lodging, etc. Check their website for more information and deets.

3 thoughts on “Rebuilding the North Service Trip

  1. Y’all ought to know that in order to qualify you need to be an alumni of a Jewish Coalition for Service program, a Hillel member or an ROI120 alum – there may be other people who qualify and yoou need to get in touch with them directly. Also, you need to have been in Israel before. Once you qualify though, it’s a sweet deal and you get to do a good deed!

  2. It doesn’t look like being a Hillel member is enough. But I can’t really tell- they certainly don’t spell it out for you.
    I’m tired, btw, of all the good programs and programming having prerequisites. I went to Israel on my own initiative and was not eligible for fat-cash birthright or any of it’s post programs. I have a ton of service in my background, but none that appear to have been Coalition-sponsored. Why should it make a difference if I rebuilt New Orleans with my shul or with a Hillel program?

  3. I agree. I have been dying for a chance to help out in Israel the last few months, but being that I am a full time student and also work, money as well as time is limited, and I don’t follow any of these requirements, so my charity is denied. Unless I can afford the trip myself and time away then I’m not able to contribute. This angers me. Arrrrrr!

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