9 thoughts on “Register For UPZ Winter Trip!

  1. Does the group meet settlers?
    I’d be happy to host them at our own little Obstacle to Peace. We are actually rather strategically placed, with excellent views.

  2. actually they can not go beyond the green line while under birthright’s supervision… however i would love to spend some time with you ben-david. perhaps when i return from ny.

  3. Damn it! Why are all the good Birthright trips for U.S. residents only?! Canada doesn’t have any progressive options like this. (Or the Israel Outdoors ones that also looked kinda cool.) Sigh. How does a lonely Canadian Jew get a free trip to Israel sans right-wing indoctrination?

  4. >
    Um…rich uncle? Yeah, the Canadian Jewish community (at least the organized leadership) does lean much more to the right on Israel. Some say that’s because as a community we’re one generation behind that of the U.S. Whether that’s a measure of “lingering fear-based shtetl mentality” or “less assimilation and more traditionalism,” I’ll leave to others to debate.

  5. It wasn’t HTML, actually: What I’d done was use the old e-mail convention of two “” to close it. Guess I’d better stick to good ol’ quotation marks. As for HTML, I don’t use it in discussion comments unless it’s specifically stated as allowed.

  6. Oh for the love of…Can’t your blogging software at least allow the use of pointy brackets NOT interpreted as tags?

  7. CANADIANS can go as far as I can tell… now that USD Hagshama is a sponsor. Call the Hagshama Dept. in Toronto and ask for Daniel Roth… if anyone can swing it, it’s him

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