Remix the mitzvot

Ben Brown and Ari Y Kelman are up to something fun over at their new (RE)VELATION project:

There are 613 mitzvot (commandments from God) that all Jews are supposed to follow. Some of them are easy to understand and apply to modern day life, while others seem antiquated and irrelevant. We invite you to ponder the 613 rules and to submit your own (re)interpretation of what they mean to us today.

Just as a sampling, here are a few of the site’s most recent submissions:
Don’t shit in your own backyard.
a remix of Mitzvah 609 by Reamworks SKG
Do not commit incest with one’s wife’s sister, unless you want to end up as a character in a Star Wars movie
a remix of Mitzvah 100 by Anonymous
Do not repeat the mistakes of history.
a remix of Mitzvah 356 by Anonymous
Pick a day to hang out and do nothing but play Grand Theft Auto and get stoned.
a remix of Mitzvah 111 by Nathan “The HIGHrophant”
All this stuff is going to get rolled into an art project to debut at the annual DAWN project in San Francisco on June 7.
Get in on it.

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