10 thoughts on “Rent Too High?

  1. I am a Jewish landlord and over many years I’ve had one Black Muslim, one Black Christian, one Jewish person and one Kurdish Muslim live on the third floor apartment of my home — the rent is still less than a thousand dollars, heat , electric and water included. McMillian is too damn high.

  2. Orthomom blogged his anti jewish passages in the blogosphere not too long ago. the crazy thing is the rent is too damn high party exists and this is his 3rd mayoral campaigin in the 12 years.

  3. I’m not from the NYC area. I live in Michigan (suburbs of Detroit and Ann Arbor mostly).
    Is he for real? What is the truth behind his claims? If not true, why would he promote such anti-semitism?

  4. The chazar is right. He totally blogged it first. Weeks ago! Then he tipped us off and we blogged it, did we give you credit chazar? In any case, just so you know, we ARE keeping track!

  5. Not that it’s proof of anything but I’ve heard reports saying that the Hassidic community’s landlords don’t want to rent to outsiders
    Also I’ve been asked by Jewish landlords if I’m Jewish before getting a lease – more than once

  6. ck, you caught me shamelessly trolling for hits. shame on me.
    in other news, i wound up not voting for jimmy mcmillan, though i gotta admit, it was damn tempting.
    oh, and jewish landlords discriminating against their tenants — news at 11!

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