Revenge Of The Tarnagolim

Kapparot is one of those weird Jewish traditions I never quite understood. The day before Yom Kippur, you’re supposed to take a chicken (or money symbolically) and swing it over your head three times while saying a brokha. The chicken is then slaughtered (or the money goes to tzedakah). How pagan can you get?
Well, it seems that the chickens are none too happy about it.
(c/o Penina H.)

7 thoughts on “Revenge Of The Tarnagolim

  1. So I was chilling with my local chabnick, and he was telling me about going to crown heights last week and doing the chicken thingy. I said to him, so the chicken is getting all your sins right? He goes, yeah right. So then I say, then you kill the chicken right. He goes yeah, they slaughter it in front on you. Then I said, then at some point someone eats it. He goes, yeah. So then I say, so someone is eating your sins dude. He goes, don’t read so much into it, it’s not literal (that he thinks I am dumb enough to think it’s literal is beyond me). I said, ok, so then someone is symbolically eating your sins. Does’nt really sound like a nice idea to me. That shut him up.
    P.S My Spamblock workd is transcendental, how funny is that.

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