7 thoughts on “Rewarding Cowardice

  1. “Rewarding cowardice” sounds like the wrestler decided of his own accord not to compete, and the state is rewarding him for it. I thought he had little choice in the matter? In which case the state is more “Following through on [how one feels about Iran’s anti-normalisation policy with the Zionist entity]”.

  2. No need for the “[sic]” in the quote from Reuters. The word “Iran” in context is referring to a people (plural), not a singular entity, so it is correct to say “Iran have given …”

  3. http://tinylink.com/?95ckgd7YcO
    “In British usage, however, collective nouns are more often treated as plurals:
    The government have not announced a new policy.
    The team are playing in the test matches next week.”

    So both “Iran has given” and “Iran have given” are acceptable.

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