Rexroth On Ginsberg

The Bureau of Public Secrets has just published an online collection of essays by Kenneth Rexroth, including this gem about beat poet laureate Allen Ginsberg:

It is very true — Allen Ginsberg is in the direct line of the nabis, those wild men of the hills, bearded and barefoot, who periodically descended upon Jerusalem, denounced king and priesthood, and recalled the Chosen People to the Covenant. If any writer in America is true to his tradition, it’s Ginsberg. Behind him stretches away for generations the prophetic, visionary and orgiastic tradition of Hassidism. He is a Zaddik.

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5 thoughts on “Rexroth On Ginsberg

  1. Ginsburg may have been a great poet but he was siko who was in the man boy love association I can’t stand people calling pedophiles “Tsadiks”

  2. hey, just because ginsberg was a paedophile is no reason to shun him; when you are a cultural icon of the left, rape and pillaging is all forgiven

  3. Mobius, you’re quoting a guy calling a man who advocated sex with children a tzaddik. This really shows what this blog stands for; it’s not only about supporting the bloodthirsty enemies of the Jews, it’s also about desecrating anything Jewish. Way to go Jewschool.

  4. So the “nabis” were “wild men of the hills?” I think Rexroth was smokin’ something pretty potent when he wrote that trash. Would’ve been nice if he could tell a “navi” from a “nabi.” But I guess that’s asking too much.
    Oh & how ’bout that “orgiastic tradition of Hassidism?” I can tell he knows his way around the writings of the Baal Shem!
    Lord protect us from those who use our tradition for their own ends whether literary or otherwise.

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