Ricky Martin: Accidental Arabist

Latin pop singer Ricky Martin was in the Middle East yesterday, visiting Jordan as a part of an international a goodwill tour. WaPo reports,

On his first visit to the Middle East, Ricky Martin declared he will try to change negative perceptions of Arab youth in the West.
“I promise I will become a spokesperson, if you allow me to, a spokesperson on your behalf. I will defend you and try to get rid of any stereotypes,” the 33-year-old singer told youngsters from 16 mainly Arab countries at a youth conference on Monday.

During the course of his visit, Martin stopped for a photo-op, in which a kaffiyeh was draped over his shoulders. Written in Arabic, at the base of the kaffiyeh, was the statement, “Jerusalem is ours.” In the photograph, he is also holding a plaque of Palestine (aka Israel) situated atop a kaffieyh pattern.
Martin issued an apology this morning:

“I had no idea that the kaffiyeh scarf presented to me contained language referring to Jerusalem, and I apologise to anyone who might think I was endorsing its message.
“My role is entirely humanitarian, and I will continue to promote the elimination of stereotyping anyone – be they from Latin America, the Middle East, or anywhere across the globe.”

Full story. (c/o Darieus)

11 thoughts on “Ricky Martin: Accidental Arabist

  1. Interesting choice of personalities for the UN to send to the PA. “Palestine” is generally not the most welcoming place for..er…people like Martin. But I’m sure he had a “fabulous” time nonetheless.

  2. The political correctness is overwhelming. “Spokesperson”? Isn’t he of the male gender? Wouldn’t that make him a “spokesman”?
    How about “I will continue to promote the elimination of stereotyping anyone – be they from Latin America, the Middle East, or anywhere across the globe.”
    How about being a spokesman for the country that made you a millionaire and bought all those shitty records you made? Huh, Ricky? How about speaking on behalf of the USA abroad? Think you’d do that, Ricky? Yeah, me neither.

  3. I find it more disturbing RM being sent to Jordan on a humanitarian mission… Look at the guy behind him, he knows a tool when he sees one
    Yosef- She bangs, she bangs

  4. We’d do the same thing given the chance. Come on. I’d love to drape ricky martin in an israeli flag… but then i’d have to get it drycleaned to get out the hair greese.

  5. I don’t get it…..
    Ricky Martin finally followed in the footsteps of his leader Mobius of the Kefiyyah tzitzit fame.
    Both of them make me sick

  6. I’m not interesting about his tour in Middle East , he is telling that he will try to understand arab and to change their bad image … In my opinion, no need for him to come to ME and ry what is palnning for cuz he will never ever understand arab.. he apologized to israel for wearing palestinian kefiyyah, which carrying statement of “Jerusalem is ours” as he is telling jerusalem is not for arabs or for muslims!!! … first, he should study the history will and then think to come to ME!! … OOOOOOOOOOH I forgot where he came from !! … the racial country AMERICA!!!

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