Ricky Martin: "Some Of My Best Friends Are Jewish"

Ynet reports,

Quite a few eyebrows were raised among America’s Jewish community last month when popular singer Ricky Martin performed for a group of youngsters in Jordan, wearing a Palestinian kaffiyah.
However, the singer met with Israeli Consul to New York Arye Mekel this weekend in an attempt to iron out the difficulties and to apologize for any preconceptions as a result of his concert.
During the meeting, Martin explained that he had no personal agenda during his performance in Jordan and said he was deeply pained by the incident.
He said that several local children had placed the kaffiyah on his shoulders, without him knowing what it represents.
Martin said that in order for him to correct the impression left on the Jewish community, he plans to perform in Israel as part of his European tour in Spring, following the release of his new album.
[…] Un an attempt to convince Mekel of his sincerity, Martin said that several of his good friends in Los Angeles are Israeli and that he had learned some Hebrew words from them.
He then turned to Mekel and said, “My dear” in Hebrew.

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12 thoughts on “Ricky Martin: "Some Of My Best Friends Are Jewish"

  1. what’s wrong with wearing a kafiyeh on your shoulders while performing in an Arab country? If he waves a flag of Israel at his promised spring concert, is that oppositely insulting?
    or maybe the “America’s Jewish community” will realize the idiocy and uselessness of false idols, celebrities and other goyish ‘entertainment’.

  2. the problem with the kafiye was, that it said something to the likes of ” we won’t give up till jerusalem is ours.”
    don’t quote me, this is not the exact translation.

  3. First of all, the kafiyeh, if I’m not mistaken, is a symbol of Palestinian terrorism. If not, then that’s not what Jews are rightfully upset about. The kafiyeh said, in Arabic, “Jerusalem is ours” with a picture of the Dome of the Rock. Anyway, Ricky Martin, as clueless as he is, is handling this like a real mentsch.
    Either that, or what was written on the kafiyeh was Arabic for “a whale’s vagina.”

  4. matt, the kaffiyeh is not a symbol of terrorism. traditionally, it’s not a symbol of anything. but it has become a symbol of palestinian nationalism in the last decade.
    what was written on the kaffiyeh martin donned was “jerusalem is ours.” he was also holding up a plaque that showed all of israel which across it read “palestine.”
    it’s incindiary.
    you know, matt, i have many leather bound books. and my apartment smells of rich mahogony.

  5. He performs in a country wearing some of the local dress and ANYONE is upset? Look:
    If Ricky Marti espoused policy positions, to include those that you disagree with, the response to note that THIS IS RICKY MARTIN!
    This is the twit from Menudo who did La Vida Loca.
    Jesus Christ on used popsicle sticks.
    Also, Robert Dreyfuss on what might become another Pollard-like incident.

  6. I think Ricky Martin should apologize by not performing in Israel, yeesh. Israel doesn’t need any more pop crap.

  7. Just because Robert Dreyfuss is overly critical of Israel doesn’t make him right, KY-jelly. One reason that Pollard case is embarrassing is that JP is arrogant and obstinately unapologetic about his actions. His request to be considered by Israel a “prisoner of Zion” only hurts relations between Israel and the US and embarrasses American Jews. In the Franklin case, there were FBI agents who said that Larry Franklin merely screwed up while handling classified information. And if Rosen and Weissman are also culpable, I don’t think that it automatically proves that AIPAC contains a bunch of traitors. Does it look bad? Sure. But we’re not dealing with a deliberate, defiant act of espionage.
    Adopting the Pat Buchanan line that this story proves that Israel is an untrustworthy ally and that pro-Israel lobbyists have dual loyalties.
    Don’t get carried away with your Jewish guilt here. It’s very tikkun-esque.

  8. And another thing, KY Jelly. Did you not read what exactly was wrong with what Martin was wearing? It said “Jerusalem is ours.” And even if it’s just insignificant Ricky Martin, it’s offensive. Besides, I didn’t hear of that big of an uproar. But people have the right to be upset. And way to play on Jewish stereotypes with your classy “ATTENTION SYLVIA PORTNOY AND SHEILA BROFLOFSKY!”

  9. enough !!!!! all u jewish ppl out there stop being ignorant … im a 100% american guy who underatnd all of u jewish ppl out there .. i dont have a problem against u the ppl but i have a problem with the way of how u think ! thats not ur land!!! its the arabs !!! get over it .. thank them for living in thier .. but ur president and my president are asswholes thats why ! they are in a mission against islam and arabs .. shame on our presidents !! shame ooon theemmm !! what ever we do we cant hide our faces away from the arabs people !!

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