ROI 120 post-show roundup

It was fun and amazing, met all these really swell people, Y-Love and I had a competition to see who can get the most speaking engagements in the most cities (, folks…), i had a chance to sneak into the Sheraton breakfast (doood, like 140 flavors of cheese. and they were all cholov yisroel. i swear, if I had to go back to Hebrew School and write my “Why I Love Israel” essays again, they would all run along the lines of “Israel is a very special place with lots of kosher food that makes grown men look like they are about to bust out a baby.”) and got to see my friend and role model SARAH LEFTON RIGHT BEFORE SHE GOT FRICKING ENGAGED!!!!!
That’s right: Sarah and Bill are going to the chapel. And they made me write a big old intro, just so it wouldn’t be embarrassing. So feel free to embarrass them yourselves with all due brachos on OnlySimchas.

6 thoughts on “ROI 120 post-show roundup

    hey lefty–remember what i said to you when we were sitting in the horse park, right before you went back to the states? remember how you didn’t want to believe me?
    he shoots! he scores!

  2. aw mobi you make me all weepy. okay so you’re the seer. man was i hysterical. and three weeks later…

  3. Yo Sarah!! A big-a** Mazel Tove to you!! So glad that you and your bashert found each other. I am so super happy to hear the news. Can’t wait to meet your chosson, and to party with you both.

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