ROI Photos + More

Jewlicious’ CK, Laya, (Esther hidden behind her) and Grand Muffti, Judapest’s Brigitta and Bruno, Sarah Lefton, Ben Baruch, Frumsky, Blogs of Zion’s Aharon H., Harry, Blogs of Zion’s Ariel Beery, Shamir Power, and yours truly.

For over ROI 120 photos w/snarky captions, click here. For a handful of shots from Avi Poupko’s Ishbitzer Full Moon Party (which I DJed), taken by Kitra Cahana, click here.
Kitra just arrived in Israel from Ethiopia and apologizes for her blogging slackage. Before she scurries back to Ethopia in a couple of weeks, she promises to share some more of her breathtaking photos with us.
Finally, for images from tonight’s Corner Prophets poetry event at Daila, click here.

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