Rosenstrasse: A film by Margarethe von Trotta

In select theaters this week is Rosenstrasse. The Jewish Press reviews:

Based on an actual event in 1943, this beautifully crafted German language film does not pretend to preach about the Holocaust or the treacherous waters of German-Jewish relations. What it does suggest is that simple decency, like that between husband and wife, can rise to heroism when all other values seem to be evaporating. It is a story embedded in a terrible past that resonates eerily in the present.

The Forward also reports on the difficult task of getting the film made.

At a recent Brandeis University screening, the filmmaker was asked why she made the movie. “Must I answer this question?” she asked, balking before changing her mind. “Because I am German, I have to make these movies.”

In New York, Rosenstrasse is playing at Cinema Village, Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Kew Gardens.

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