Round 2 Addendum

I haven’t read any responses (if any have been made thus far) to my last post yet, having just walked in the door after posting it earlier this afternoon, but I want to apologize for the flippant remark I made towards the end, preceding the offer a smoothie. After thinking about it a little more, I realize it is, indeed, a poor analogy and, further, an emotionally volatile and incendiary one, made less in the interest of proving a point and more in the interest of frustrating my ‘opponent.’ I admit, at times I find myself to be a bit scatterbrained (particularly as of late for various personal and professional reasons) and, while attempting to convey a rational argument, reach into the realm of irrationality, swallowing my foot before I even realize what has happened. In this particular case, I was attempting to convey a condemnation of the totalitarian policies of the Israeli government offered by the extreme Left, and did so by citing an example that is, in retrospect, much harsher than the reality as I perceive it to be myself. Within the context of this argument thus far, I’ve taken a position that is, frankly, much further to the Left than I am, myself, in practice. Perhaps I am schizophrenic. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Gemini. Whatever it is, don’t take that last remark seriously or personally, because as far as I’m concerned, I really didn’t mean it, and I probably never should’ve said it.


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