Rudy, Mike, Dubya, Ahnold…the Rebbetzin?

31 years after her last appearance at the garden, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis shall be giving the closing benediction the second evening of the Republican Naitonal Convention next week.

“Everything is bashert,” says the rebbetzin. “Can you imagine? Isn’t this terrific?”

And her books, such as 1998’s “The Committed Life” and 2002’s “The Committed Marriage” (both Harper Collins), have made her the darling of Christian columnists and Conservative talk-show hosts, such as Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh.

Now isn’t that special.

12 thoughts on “Rudy, Mike, Dubya, Ahnold…the Rebbetzin?

  1. i have no idea who the esther woman is; but i should dislike her because some rightist columnists like her? wow, the arrogance of the left is amazing!

  2. Sarah,
    Can you please clarify that statement? I mean, isn’t she the woman who gives talks to 20-30 somethings about modesty, dating, marriage, etc., and packs the house to capacity. I heard she’s wonderful. Hell, I even bought my mom her book. Is she “insane” because she’s “Orthodox”, or is she DSM insane?

  3. Taken from the posted article:
    “…her Upper West Side organization, have drawn packed houses and much media attention — has spread far beyond her initial New York audience. A Hineni branch in Israel feeds more than 400 daily at a soup kitchen in Jerusalem.”
    Insane? She sounds like she’s doing a lot of good work. Again, can someone please clarify what’s “insane” about this woman. Jeez, so that’s why the rabbis were so concerned about Lashon Hora.

  4. Ahhhhh, just spoke to a friend of mine who knows her. Jungries is very committed to Orthodoxy, strong-willed, and eccentric. My friend claims that liberal Jewish folk may be offended by her, the same way they are offended by most Orthodox folks that are critical of their lifestyle choices. Now I understand the “insane” comment.

  5. This may be a reach, but does anyone know what Esther Jungreis’ connection is to the Rabbis Jungres (pere and fils) that used to (may still, for all I know) have a shul on East 87th street in Canarsie (Brooklyn?)

  6. We luuuuuuuuuv her, and hate her….we love to hate her, cuz she’s loving, moral, decent, consistent, inteligent, concise, and is not a loud mouthed ignorant Jew….ahem…ahem…..hehehe

  7. While she has some lovely things to say about coupling, the Rebbetzin recently spoke at “AN EVENING OF UNANIMOUS SUPPORT FOR THE JEWS OF GAZA” – So she’s actually to the right of Sharon and W.

  8. That’s cool. I used to play with Binyamin Jungreis and hang out at his house when I was a wee lad; I guess he’s her nephew.

  9. uh, i’ve seen rebbetzin jungreis lecture on a few occassions and frankly, yes, i think the woman is insane. her response to israel’s attempted land for peace policy, for example, was to incite a group of 20-something year-old yeshiva students against the policy because “jericho, which was the first land we gave back, was the first land god gave us! we are offending god!”

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