Sad, sad news

Dr. Harold Galena ò”ä, father of Bangitout.com‘s Seth & Isaac Galena, died Saturday when struck by a car while jogging. It is truly a tragedy and my heart goes out to the Galena brothers, and the whole Galena family in this time of need.

Bangitout is, understandably, on hiatus effective immediately.

“Although the site will lie inactive until otherwise determined, the life of Dr. Galena, which exemplified the bringing of happiness to others, begs us to leave the site accessible.”

Messages of sympathy to Seth and Isaac may be sent to [email protected].

One thought on “Sad, sad news

  1. Your dad was an amazing doctor who helped me deal with a serious neck injury. Not just with medication…his soothing words made me feel as if everything would be all right…and everything did turn out. I saw the way he interacted with his office staff. They truly were family to him. You don’t find this of many doctors today…He is sorely missed!

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