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Sagol 59 fires back at Subliminal for tasteless Yom Hashoah track

In response to Subliminal (Kobi Shimoni) and Miri Ben Ari’s god-awful Holocaust memorial track, godfather of Jerusalem hip-hop and Corner Prophets frontman Sagol 59 decided to throw down his own track, “Shoah Business,” which — despite not being intended as a “dis” track — skewers Shimoni for his disgraceful lyrical exploitation of the Holocaust.
[audio:] Full coverage, with Subliminal’s response, available in Hebrew only from Yediot Ahranot, here.
An English translation follows…
Yo, man, I got something I gotta get off my chest
I ain’t hatin’, it’s all love here, but listen…
She ran away just so she won’t get slayed,
No husband, carrying twins and a baby who died along the way
Got to the promised land and was deported right back
Then they stuck her and the kids in Jaffa in a tiny fucked up flat,
60 Years went by, she turns on the TV
And watches her memories being sold so cheaply
Well, she’s seen it all so it may not bother her really
But any normal human being can notice it’s downright silly,
And some people may say “let it slide, it’s just a song”
“They trying to reach the youth, is this that wrong?”
But as an M.C, it is my duty to stste my point of view
Do it for the father that my own father never knew,
You need to be careful to write it down in a song,
Stop using blood to erase the writing on the wall,
Because eternal suffering is no jingle or game,
We’ve burned the shame, threw our tact down the drain.
First of all, I’m declaring this is no dis song,
Just a little something about what’s been wrong,
And I can’t really recommend a track,
Whose only purpose is to pile money in stacks,
And Israeli hip hop sounds very odd today,
Who gave permission to turn the Shoah to Broadway?
Yo man, this is really uncalled for,
That’s not why my granny fled the hell out of Warsaw,
And I’m truly sorry, miss, and with all respct due to those Grammys,
That tune is both anaemic and bloody,
And one has to wonder, who authorized that?
Take the Holocaust and chop it into salad,
Slick campaign ready even before the studio “on air” light is out,
Little by little, tainting the genre,
Want publicity? buy an ad or a some kinda banner,
Mister Macguyver, this one comes from the heart,
Next time take a minute to think before you start.

4 thoughts on “Sagol 59 fires back at Subliminal for tasteless Yom Hashoah track

  1. This track is ok, generally not a huge fan of hebrew rap. But subliminal SUCK!!! They are shit, the worst, just horrible, especially that fat guy. tact is shit, this is ok.

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