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Salon Mazal threatened with closure

The following message comes from our friends at Salon Mazal.


Founded in 2001, Salon Mazal is a social and political centre in the heart of Tel Aviv. The Salon is a library, infoshop, bookstore, fair trade grocer, and vegan cafe that supports activists working for political and social change, as well as being open and welcoming to the public.
The Salon is a unique and well-used venue for promoting alternative views and opinions, both through public meetings, study groups, film nights and the biggest collection of anti-occupation, anarchist, vegan and queer literature in the Middle East, most of which is unavailable elsewhere. The centre is also crucial as a safe space for political organising and an accessible way for Israelis to become more involved in these activities. We also have hundreds of international visitors each year who come to understand more and connect with alternative ‘counter’ culture in Israel.
The centre is the only autonomously-run social centre in Israel. It is entirely run by volunteers and by donation. It is well used and well-supported, with an active database with over 500 subscribers. Over the last five years, it has become a cultural institution – a vital resource for Israeli political culture. For more info see our English language website.
Salon Mazal is threatened with imminent closure unless we can raise 70,000 NIS (around $15,000) by the beginning of July. Until recently, the Salon was supported by a foundation, that has now shut down. Although we make some money through sales this is not enough to support us to pay central Tel Aviv rents.
Please consider donating whatever you can towards this vital resource.
For more information please email mazalsalon at yahoo dotcom. We would be really happy to hear from you.

Save yourself a hassle and donate to Salon Mazal via Jewschool using Paypal. I will personally hand-deliver your contribution to the Salon Mazal crew.

2 thoughts on “Salon Mazal threatened with closure

  1. Hey, that’s really sad to hear that the Salon might be closing. Its a really vibrant place that’s always full of activists and locals, and one of the places that really gave me some hope that Israeli society might actually sort itself out 😉

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