10 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman: "I'm good for the Jews"

  1. I think that ronmossad forget to include progressive Jewish activits (like many JewSchool posters) as people we should talk to about being Jewish….
    but…”I’m tired of famous JEWS getting on a national stage and acting like just because they make fun of Jewish stereotypes that somehow it qualifies them to speak for the rest of us. And enough with the “tuckess” and the “schmeer” and the “chutzpah” and the “shlep” and the “kvetch” and all those other annoying stereotypical Yiddish phrases that when used, somehow justify the person to speak for the rest of us…” is an idea that every Jew should embrace.

  2. But Ron Mossad simultaneously takes celebrities to task for speaking on behalf of all Jews while doing so himself. I don’t recall appointing him (or anyone) the arbiter of who is or is not “Jewish enough” or “authentically” Jewish to speak about the(ir) Jewish experience in public.

  3. I’m appointing myself then:
    Being a TV/movie star and being able to mockingly spit out a few words in Yiddish does not qualify a person to speak on behalf of all Jews.

  4. Fine, but I don’t think (m)any of his cited examples were doing that. They speak to their own experiences, and others interpret them as speaking “for the Jews.”. Having a blog doesn’t qualify anyone to speak on behalf of all Jews either.

  5. They speak to their own experiences, but in a context in which they are portrayed/portray themselves as speaking for American Jews.
    No doubt that having a blog doesn’t qualify anyone to speak on behalf of all Jews.
    Chag Sameach to everybody, btw.

  6. I’m not speaking for the Jews – just pointing out she doesn’t speak for ME. I’m not saying I’m representative of the Jewish community…clearly I’m not. It’s just people like Sarah Silverman that throw their alleged Jew-ocity around and build their act around it. The bottom line is that makes her representative of us whether she intends it or not and frankly she needs to shut up and go away because she embarrasses us on a daily basis.

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