One thought on “Sarah Silverman's sister joins Schlep Labs endorsement: Israelis on Obama

  1. Unfortunately it seems that many people on this internet-thingee have access to ‘Google’
    Where we find out that:
    Dr Ye’ela Ra’Anan (BTW that ‘Dr’ means she has a PhD in Anthropology, not a real doctor) is one of electronic intifada’s heroines.
    Meir Javedanfar believes that most Iranian-Israelis are very pro-Iran and have a great deal of Persian pride. Very touching, I’m sure but not something that would make one anything more than the super-dove like he is on Iran.
    Avinoam Armoni is a former director of the Israel office of NIF. Boy does he talk tough against Iran for a NIF’er. He says he has never seen such measures taken against Iran as under Obama. Jimmy Carter took greater measures against Iran than Obama has.
    BTW are there any pro-Obama Israelis under 35? Any at all?

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