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Save Darfur or Promote Sudan?

Blogs of Zion reports:

Millions of readers of the New York Times were awoken today to find a new section to their newspaper: section ZA, a special advertising section devoted to…promoting Sudan.
[…] Allowing Sudan to continue its genocide is not in line with that vision. Email Nicholas Kristof at the NYTimes and ask him why his paper is taking blood money to advertise investment in a genocidal regime.

Did anyone else notice this? Check out Esther at Jewlicious‘ post on the “legal/journalistic perspective” of having such an advertising section.
Meanwhile, as Esther also pointed out, this seems like as good of a time as any to remind all Jewschool readers about the American Jewish World Service‘s call to stop the genocide in Darfur, via “Million Voices for Darfur” campaing and promoting Safe Darur, a huge rally in DC on Sunday, April 30. Visit the rally info page for details of the rally and other important information such as transportation. If you are coming from the NYC area, you can go down and back in one day by signing up for a bus with the JCC in Manhattan.
[Update]Beery posts a a response from the Times.

9 thoughts on “Save Darfur or Promote Sudan?

  1. I just tried it; it got bounced back to me – “Mailbox not available”. I don’t know whether this means that he’s blocked access, or that he has already received so many that his inbox is full.

  2. If anyone knows teens in the Baltimore area who’d be interested in coming to the rally, send them my way–I’m working to organize buses for all the Jewish teens in the area to be there.

  3. if you are coming to Washington for the Darfur Action, think about coming for shabbat.
    the details are still in process but there should be some special davening options and lots of exciting people.

  4. jewschool should have a contingent at the march with t-shirts! all the cool kids (i.e. the reform movement) are!

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