Saving Torahs

According to the Washington Post, Rabbi Menachem Youlus of Wheaton, Maryland, is on a mission to save Jewish history one Torah at a time. Along the way, he’s had the chance to right some historical wrongs, like providing proper Jewish burial for the bones he found at a Holocaust-era mass grave site. He’s also amassed $170,000 in personal debt to finance his work.

I was especially impressed with the Rabbi’s plurlalist message. On his web site, www.saveatorah.org he explains that

The Torah is the source of Jewish learning, religious and moral values, and instructions for living. No matter what level of belief or observance, the Torah is the one symbol that unites the Jewish people: the Sephardim and Ashkenazim, members of Reconstructionist, Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Congregations, and even the unaffiliated. It connects the past to the present and is a source for the future, Le’Dor va Dor…from “generation to generation.” It brings together members of communities for learning and praying and is the one object that all Jews can identify with.

You can donate to this cause via the web site as well.

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