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Glenn Beck: Reformed Rabbis = Radical Islam because of the Nazis

First listen to this clip:

(Source: Glen Beck via Media Matters)
I will not twist Mr. Beck’s brilliance to say anything besides what he said:

“Reformed rabbis are generally political in nature. It’s almost like Islam, radicalized Islam in a way, to where it is just — radicalized Islam is less about religion than it is about politics. When you look at the reform Judaism, it is more about politics. I’m not saying that they’re the same on … and they’re going to take it at that, but — stand in line.”

I will not take it “that way”…I will take it at face value. My religious experience is all about politics. Nothing to do with God, Israel (people and land) or Torah. Nope, nothing what-so-ever.
I am so pleased that Mr. Beck and his associates have cleared up that calling a person a Nazi is ok because someone else did it. It is a great thing that the “NaaNaa Bo Bo” form of journalism is so pervasive in our society.
It is a wonder we are not all Nazis at this point…but again, I said I would take this at face value. I must go back to being a member of Radical Islama political body, not a religious one.
Finally, I am also pleased that after the brilliant rally to Restore Honor, with themes of personal freedom and true democratic values the Glenn Beck show now questions that the United States is an open society. In that it isn’t in the Constitution, it isn’t part of our society.
Thank you Mr. Beck for explaining this to me in such an illustrative manner and to EV for alerting me to this extremely important segment of radio that is permitted by Free Speech within our non-open society.
(Attention Mr. Beck or producers: If you want to quote this article as proof that the Liberal Jewish community does not respect your point of view, be my guest. But I will not give you the right to use my blogger call letters. Rather use my real name Donald C Cutler of New York, NY.)

14 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Reformed Rabbis = Radical Islam because of the Nazis

  1. Is this another Soros backed leftist Jew group? If so, do Jews like me a favor, don’t take us down with you. If You don’t see Beck is a great friend to Jews, Christians Israel and America. If you wish to support Soros, the Radical Marxist and Islamist that have been welcomed into the Dem party, Go it alone.
    Thank You

  2. Maybe Beck read:
    and the 117 (at last count) comments, many not being a million miles away from Beck’s.
    BTW Thanks to Mr Google, there appears to be a ‘Donald C Cutler’ who used to work for the URJ’s RAC.
    If you’re the same one, good for you, for leaving the Titanic and becoming a corporate flack, er, ‘communications counsel to publicly traded and private institutions’. Obviously we both believe that employment with any URJ org. is not a long term paying proposition.

  3. I hope Glenn Beck is spared the prolonged horrors of a future holocaust against right wing lying scumbag journalists. Then again, hoping isn’t a plan.

  4. @DLevy
    As I’ve said before, I’m in University.
    But I don’t see the fuss. I was congratulating Cutler for leaving the sinking USS Reform and becoming a corporate flack.
    Yes I’m Jewish. Google ‘boxthorn’.

  5. hoping isn’t a plan
    Jew Guevara, are you implying that you’re stockpiling cans of beans and mapping emergency escape routes to rescue Glenn Beck from the “prolonged horrors of a future holocaust”? 🙂

  6. @Boxthorn…I don’t see the fuss either. Yes I worked for the Union and now work elsewhere. Not sure how that changes anything or is even remotely related to the situation outlined in the post.
    It would seem however, that the tactics used to “smear” me for having a job and being a productive member of society are similar in nature to those utilized by Mr. Beck. Half-truth and innuendo regarding value assumptions should always take precedent over fact and the real matter at hand.

  7. Is a reformed Rabbi someone who got Orthodox smicha and then thought better of it? Or does Beck think they are Orthodox Rabbis who got involved in politics demanding reform? Or is it someone who was irreligious and then reformed themselves to the extent of a of attending Rabbinical school? Are Reformed Jews those who have accepted Christ, or just reshaped into a different form of clay? Does he have any fracking clue what he saying as it erupts out of his disgusting mouth?
    Glen Beck is an Reformed Idiot.
    No, make that a Reform Idiot.
    Either way, an Idiot.
    And anti-Semite.

  8. Glenn Beck is NOT Anti-Semitic. Did you see the shows where he spoke about Soros? I did. Glenn’s statements were NOT anti-Semitic. They were proof that George Soros (a billionaire megalomaniac with an agenda) wants to manipulate the world & fashion it to his liking by destroying the USA’s economy (as he did in 5 other countries) then making the USA into a socialist country. The group of Rabbis who paid for this ad was organized by “Jewish Funds for Justice.” Surprise, surprise! A Soros-backed political organization that wants to discredit Glenn Beck. Don’t believe everything you see in the so-called news. I watch & read quite a bit of news from many different sources, both liberal & conservative. I respect Glenn Beck because he states repeatedly “don’t follow me blindly – do your own research.” He says don’t take stock in what others say about a specific person the reporter may have his or her own agenda. Look for documentation in a specific person’s own words. For example, read full speeches Soros has given or view YouTube videos of the same. This is easy to do with the Internet. Don’t use little snippets of what a person has said they can be used to manipulate the viewer. When you read or view a person’s speech in his or her own words you can then make an educated decision about that person. I have done this and it has been extraordinarily enlightening.

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