Secret Panel Snoops on Mid-East Studies at Columbia

A committee appointed by the president of Columbia University for months has been quietly probing allegations of bias and intimidation by faculty, particularly in Middle East studies, The Jewish Week has learned.

The panel convened by President Lee Bollinger comes at a time when Jewish students at the Ivy League university have complained that some Middle East classes are unbalanced and that faculty members have used their authority to promote anti-Israel activism.

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4 thoughts on “Secret Panel Snoops on Mid-East Studies at Columbia

  1. First, it was not a “secret panel,” or Provost Brinkely would not have mentioned it.
    Second, it did not “snoop.” An administration has to take charges of politicization and intimidation seriously, and, as a student at Columbia, I can attest to both.

  2. Any story that uncritically quotes Daniel Pipes as an expert of some kind probably isn’t worth paying attention to

  3. I sympathize with the students at Columbia, at Sarah Lawrence College – a self-proclaimed and proud far left is chock full of professors who use their French or Sociology classes to articulate the reasons for the end of the Jewish nation. We have a pretty centrist chair of Middle Eastern Studies – Fawaz Gerges. Needless to say, Daniel Pipes hates him.

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