Security, But At What Cost?

“We have a new sentry to blame for what has gone wrong: the rather anonymous planners of the separation fence. Some sort of personal, individual limitation caused them to fail and not to predict the extent to which ‘the lives of innocent people would be affected’ by the construction of the fortifications, which has destroyed and is destroying wells that are essential to agriculture, is uprooting tens of thousands of olive trees and other trees and is wiping out hundreds of greenhouses in which thousands of people have invested the savings of years.” —Amira Hass

3 thoughts on “Security, But At What Cost?

  1. Security is certainly worth the cost. We are not caging anyone in. If you have wild animals attacking your yard, you certainly have the right to fence them out.

  2. What about the lives of innocent Israeli’s who are murdered by Palestinian terrorists, If they really want to get rid of the wall their leaders should put a end to the terrorists activities, anyone who thinks Arafat has no influence on these terrorist organisation is a fool!

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