See Dick Sue

The NY Times reports,

Pearson Education, the publishing company that owns the copyright to the Dick and Jane reading primers, has filed a lawsuit against a division of Time Warner in Federal District Court in Los Angeles claiming that the book “Yiddish With Dick and Jane” violates Pearson’s copyrights and trademarks for the familiar characters.

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8 thoughts on “See Dick Sue

  1. they smell money. Dick and Jane illustrations are like being made into greeting cards and shirts now. Clearly an instructive children’s book is completely in contradiction with the original artist’s vision.
    Germans have decided to create a Truman Show-like Perpetual Surveillance Village in which people will live for decades on a reality show.

  2. hmmm. on my mac (in both IE and Safari), my comments come out as ???? and mobius1ski’s (assuming they’re also in yiddish) come out as accented vowels. any geeks out there who can fix it?

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