Seidler-Feller to Take Anger Managment Course

UCLA Hillel director Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller has agreed to take a three-day anger management course after assaulting a right-wing journalist in an on-campus incident this October, and has been placed on administrative leave from his position.

Rachel Neuwirth (the journalist in question) is, of course, still trying to milk the experience for all its worth, saying “I can’t get over this. I relive this all the time. I never in my life thought a rabbi would behave in such a violent manner.” Get over yourself sister, he’s a rabbi, not a saint!

4 thoughts on “Seidler-Feller to Take Anger Managment Course

  1. Well duh, leftists are the most violent people around when it comes to right wingers – they’re full of hooey.

  2. i can’t believe i actually invited you to check in on my site
    …the world–my sister aviva, the kahaneite.

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