Senator Joe's Beard

Less than a week after sitting shiva for the death of his mother, Marcia Lieberman, former Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Conn) was back at work on Capitol Hill sporting the scruffy growth of 2 week old stubble in observance of shloshim, the 30 day mourning period. Takes guts for the recent presidential candidate to adhere to jewish custom even when it means coming to the the United States senate looking sloppy and disheveld. Story here and here. (c/o Mosi)

3 thoughts on “Senator Joe's Beard

  1. You know,
    we didn’t like this guy when he tried to protect America from sensualist lyrics in pop music.
    We didn’t like this guy when he screwed Al Gore over.
    We didn’t like this guy when he prostituted himself for people who despise him worse than we do.
    We didn’t like this guy when he schilled for an unnecessary war.
    We didn’t like this guy when recently he declared possible sexual content in black market modifications to a auto theft video game to be a “serious matter.”
    But …it (ugh) must be admitted …the beard does actually make him look better.
    There. Back to hating him!

  2. Aw cut the dude some slack … His Mom passed away, we should try to be nice for at least 30 days, no? I mean politics aside, Joe at least has the full courage of his convictions.

  3. hmmm. sloppy & disheveled?
    “Despite the new beard and hairstyle, Lieberman hardly looked disheveled”

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