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Settler Gives Chametz to Palestinian Families in Need

JPost reports,

Avinoam Magen isn’t sealing off his hametz this year. Nor is he is burning or trashing it. Instead he’s using the Pessah holiday to make a statement about coexistence.
A resident of the Ofarim settlement, he asked Nauaf Khalaf, an acquaintance from the neighboring Palestinian village of Rantis, to help him distribute food to families in need.
[…] “If there are children who are starving we should help them,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Settler Gives Chametz to Palestinian Families in Need

  1. OT–
    Israeli Women’s Action in Tel Aviv to ‘Stop the Bombing of Gaza’
    Today at 18:00 the Coalition of Women for Peace will be washing their hands in blood in an action demanding that bombings stop in Gaza. They will walk from Hassan Beck Mosque along Yarkon Street towards the embassies.
    The Coalition of Women for Peace has issued this statement, “In Passover we celebrate freedom while in Gaza – the largest prison in the world, Israel is shedding blood. In the past week the Israeli occupation army attacked brutally Palestinian residents of Gaza, killing and wounding dozens.”
    With this action they, “demand that the Israeli government stops the bombings!” Adding that, “security will not be achieved through bombing and starving civilians. Security will not be achieved through disengagement and building Separation walls.”
    This action asserts that, “all people of the region deserve to live in security, which will be achieved only by ending the occupation, negotiations and true independence.”
    The women, “call upon foreign governments to intervene and to stop the Israeli terror in the OPT.”
    For more information please contact:
    Adi Dagan, spokeswoman, Coalition of Women for Peace 052-3575526
    Abir 054 4743723

  2. nice sentiment, but I don’t think a few left over crumbs can really make up for thousands of dunams of expropriated land. If they really cared they would get the fuck out of there.

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