Settler Kitch

Even if Israel doesn’t happen to survive the culutral split wrought by the disengagement, or international vengeance for our treatment of Palestinians, we’ll still be able to look back at some of the culture that came out of this whole mess and laugh!
check out Dov Shurin’s new Video, which actually says alot about religious unity across different immigrant and devotional cultures across Israel, and the biblical themes and promises that just drive us all crazy sometimes. “I swear baby, I love you forever, and you’ll never have to move ever again.” Aw.., God, you so sweet. I don’t care HOW you paid for that Jewlery you got me.
and speaking of finery and romance, check out Yaakov The Russian’s risque political and religious clothing designs, guaranteed to leave your jaw dropping and the wit and strange juxtaposition of the erotic and the religious, and the militant. Thank G-d for culture.
P.s., are any of the anarchist types out there impressed with the whole grass roots settler movement? The “leaders” of the movement are peripheral, acting almost as mouth pieces for the popular vibe, and it’s all being done pretty much through word of mouth… although somebody’s gotta be paying for all the orange ribbons, it’s pretty much a bottom up thing happening. Most of the criticsm lobbied against them has to do with reckless, willful denial of the validity of either Israeli or international law in spite of what they want to do… Isn’t that kind of a good thing, according to some value systems? To ignore external pressure and Other People’s priorities in the name of defending your own? Religious madness aside, are there any hardcore secular anti-authoritarian types out there at least kinda impressed?

2 thoughts on “Settler Kitch

  1. > I personally was somewhat impressed with the form of the ‘orange
    > revolution’, especially when the teenage girls were getting arrested for > road blockades etc. I would be in basic agreement with the people using > these tactics if their demands to stay in Gaza did not include the > Israeli state staying there. Nevertheless, even if based on theological > reasoning, ‘divine intervention’ etc. etc. it’s good to see people my > age thinking, engaging in critique and taking direct action to change > what they want to change.
    > Disengagement will probably be a zero-sum game for Israel, maybe a > little worse than bad, but let’s be honest, if Abbas and Mofaz’s plans > to house Palestinian refugees in former settler homes, the takeover of > settler agriculture by Palestinians and the compensation for the > settlers all goes through as planned, without Hamas’ thuggery bullying > the chances away, the only real worry is the closing proximity of the > serial murder gangs who will unfortunately very likely take over the strip.

  2. the settlers impress me in tons of ways. they are inspiring in the way that they seek to obey God rather than the state. i just happen to think that their entire political and religious outlook is seriously confused and dangerous, and often racist and cruel. still, their tactics and their passion are definitely worthy of admiration…

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