Settlers Get Down To Brass Tax

Even as Israel continues expanding settlements in the West Bank, it has begun to negotiate compensation for settlers in both Gaza and the West Bank who are willing to relocate to within Israel proper.

What the sidebar and photo has to do with the subject of the article, I’ll leave to Backspin to decide. (This is just too funny, btw.)

8 thoughts on “Settlers Get Down To Brass Tax

  1. Interesting that the government has had to cut back billions of shekels over the past few years from the budget, but somehow, and from somewhere, there is lots of money to give to ‘settlers’ who will be evacuated from their homes and businesses.
    No one in the media, or especially the local business media, has bothered to ask these questions. Why senior citizens have had their pensions cut, but it’s a given that ‘tomorrow’ compensation will be handed out.
    Democracy and those who are supposed to protect it is convenient only when the leftist policies are being carried out.

  2. Mobius,
    Democracy can be upheld if there is a national referendum or vote in the Knesset on the “unilateral” withdrawal.
    So far there has been neither.
    Newspaper polls are not a valid equivalent.
    As such, it is quite disturbing that the Government has begun to formulate a compensation program prior to official approval of the plan.

  3. Mob,
    I second the view on Israeli newspaper/media polls, which time and time again over the past 10 years, especially in the 11th hour, always lean too far left by about 10 pts.
    While only a few months ago, the widespread claim was that ‘the vast majority’ of Israelis support the retreat plan, but thank goodness that Israelis are smart people, every day that goes by, the plan loses popularity as more info comes out?
    I also know that many of my friends who support the plan, don’t know what’s in the plan, or realize the entire scope of it. When I try to explain to them what their media isn’t telling them, they refuse to accept my ‘preposterous’ claims, some of which include: rearming and retraining of the Palestinian Authority ‘police’, the gradual increase of Arab workers allowed in to ‘Israel’, guaranteed free-travel in security cordon between Gaza and elsewhere, etc… in other words nothing to do with ‘seperation’ and a lot to do with just evacuating Jews from their homes.

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