6 thoughts on “Settlers Seek Co-Existence

  1. These mostly American settlers are hated by the Arabs and despised by most Israelis.
    As far as I, and most of their Arab neighbours are concerned, the lot of the should be shot.
    They’re mostly religious Jews who don’t serve in the Army, by who demand non religious Jews to defend them.
    I don’t support Palestinian militans, unless they’re shooting settlers.
    If Moslems tried to take over my neigbourhood like this, I’d take a gun to them myself.

  2. you are obviously sooooooo clueless. While alot of settlers are people who have made Aliyah, almost all serve int he army and a disporportiante number end up as acarrer army people. 4 of 7 in the special forces call themselves Daati.
    These people are of Yemenite descent (jewish arabs if you will) and are legally buying back houses that belonged to them in the past…

  3. Yet another example of the double standard against Jews. When Arabs want to live in Jewish neighborhoods Israel was criticized when some neighborhoods TRIED to keep them out (the high court ruled–rightfully–that the owners did not have the right to discriminate against the Arabs), but when Jews move into an Arab neighborhood, the Jews are criticized for inciting attacks against them. Gimme a break.

  4. I don’t support Palestinian militans, unless they’re shooting settlers. If Moslems tried to take over my neigbourhood like this, I’d take a gun to them myself.
    Ah … no doubt the famed wild-west “you trespass, I shoot, questions later” mentality which has given Americans such a fabulous reputation. Hey, Terry, what kind of gun would you recommend? Would you want to use different bullets against foreign elements who’re Jews and who’re Muslims, or you figure they’re both do-able with the same gauge slug?

  5. She was 18 years old when she died. She was 18 years old when she was murdered. She was 18 years old when she was murdered and her body burned to ashes. She was 18 years old when she was burned by the Arabs she had left her home to live with. But it was not only the Arabs who had murdered her.
    She was 18 years old and her name was Ziva Goldovsky and she had been a member of the Mapam youth, the youth of the leftist, Marxist, Hellenist, anti-religious anti-nationalistic movement that symbolizes all the confusion and gentilization that drags the State of Israel into the depths of a tragedy that has already taken the life of an 18 year old, bewildered, confused, and troubled Jewish girl.
    She was 18 years old and a member of the leftist youth group from which she went on to be destroyed as a Jew and eventually murdered, again, as a Jew. She was 18 years old, and like all secular Israeli youth, she was empty of Judaism, empty of specific Jewishness, empty of Jewish values and identity, empty of any reason to live in a land of military duty and wars and heavy burdens, and without the slightest reason to bear them. She was 18 and her mind and soul were captured by a secular Left in which she perished, spiritually and mentally as a Jew, before being murdered physically as a Jew.
    She was 18 and empty and bewildered and they filled her empty and bewildered mind witht the empty and mad slogans of Jewish-Arab brotherhood and Jewish-Arab love and Jewish-Arab coexistence, and she, unlike the ugly Hellenists who were her youth leaders, took all of it seriously, and literally.
    If humanism and equality and universalism were the greatest of all values, then why babble about such reactionary concepts as “Jewish” and “Jewishness?” If brotherhood and love were truly values to be grasped to our bosom, why allow the barriers of religion and nationalism and culture to stand between Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians? She was 18 and believed all the nonsense she had been taught by a tired and disintegrating Mapam structure whose past is a remarkably consistent record of error and
    She ws 18 and a victim of a Mapam that had- like some eyeless one in Moscow- followed Joseph Stalin unquestioningly, even after he murdered, in cold blood, Jews- socialists and Communists, even when he had crushed the Zionist movement and outlawed and murdered its own Hashomer HaTzair comrades.
    Nothing Stalin could do could move the pitiful secular idol worshippers at the armpit of Communism to rip themselves from their slavish prostration. “The Soviet Union is our second homeland,” was the pitiful cry of those who paved the way for the murder of Ziva Goldovsky. “I will welcome the Red Army to Tel Aviv,” cried their leader, Meir Ya’ari, in 1949. “The sun of the nations has set,” read the headline in the party newspaper, Al Ha’Mishmar, reporting the death of Stalin, who left the world on the verge of mass deportation and genocide of Soviet Jewry.
    This was the youth group to which and 18 year old confused and disturbed girl gravitated.
    She was 18 and they began to pave the way for her death. Her empty, vapid, troubled mind was filled with hate of the Jewish “extremists” and Jewish “fascists” and “Kahanism” and “religious clericalism.” She was 18 and taught to feel guilty over the “persecution of the poor Palestinians” and the brutal “occupation of their land.” She was programmed to protest the “hard hand” of the Israeli army and the “beating and urder of innocent Palestinians.”
    She was 18, and in her emptiness and disturbed soul took it seriously, this member of the Mapam youth,whose kibbutzim refuse to take Arabs as members…
    She was 18 and she heard about coexistence and love and living together, and so she decided to coexist with Arabs and love Arabs and live with Arabs. And so, she left her home and sought out poor, ersecuted Arabs to love. And how quickly and readily she found them.
    She was 18 and anxious to give of her love and herself to her brothers- the oppressed Palestinians. They took her love and they took her and when they finished with her love and with her, they brutally murdered her and burned her body to a crisp. She was 18 and the Arabs completed the murder of a Jewish girl that began when she fell into the hands of the leftists of Mapam.
    She was 18 when she was murdered by Jewish-Arab cooperation and she- as an individual- symbolizes what the Arabs would do to the 40 year old Jewish state if we would allow the sick and blind Left to drag us down with their Hellenism and gentilized concepts.
    Let every Jewish parent remember the tragedy of this 18 year old Jewish child and look to their own. Those who love their children- know what the Arabs would do to them! See what the Arabs did to Ziva Goldovsky and know that this is what awaits our own. And look what the Jewish Left did to an 18 year old child, and make an oath never to let it happen to our own. Mapam Youth, Hashomer HaTzair, Ratz Youth, Habonim, Dror. These are the youth groups of the Left that destroy the Jewish soul on their way to
    murdering the Jewish body.
    Remember the names and let Jewish parents keep their children from them. Let the tortured soul of an 18 year old girl be a warning to all of us not to allow the Left to destroy the precious Jewish spirit of our children. And let the burned and roasted body of an 18 year old Jewish girl be reminder to us, always, of what the Arabs would do to our children and to all of us and how the Left [SHALOM ACHSHAV] brings that terrible day closer. The Arabs murder us, but these are the ones who pave the way.
    Rabbi Meir Kahane, may G-d avenge his blood.

  6. Dude, what the fuck are you talking about, most of the guys in those places serve in the army, talk not when you know not of what you speak. You want to talk to some before you go running off at your ignorant mouth?

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