Sexual Zionism

Political Zionism, Cultural Zionism, Revisionist Zionism, Socialist Zionism, and now… Sexual Zionism
Well, at least we have our priorities in order, more Jewish babies! Forget about creating meaningful Jewish communities, if Jews are fucking other Jews all is well with the world.
As Alex Sharone, the 24-year-old national director of Habonim Dror, says:

Somewhere along the line, major Israel providers figured this was a good way to appeal to the youth market…. It’s about sexualizing a love for Israel. You’re 15, going through puberty and visiting Israel for the first time. While you’re learning the history and culture of the land, you’re simultaneously scoping out potential mates. It’s about forging a positive association with Israel, and for teens and young adults that often means sex. Zionism always has had a sexualized aspect to it. The strong, bare-chested men working the land. All that talk of ‘blooming’ and ‘bearing fruit’ is so Freudian. And today, all the soldiers protecting the motherland. It’s definitely sexy.

The goals may be a bit vapid, but I can’t argue with her analysis of the gendered implications of Zionism. Full story.
PS: In case you are wondering, I’m a new JewSchool contributer, currently living in Jerusalem.

18 thoughts on “Sexual Zionism

  1. the world would be a much better place if there were 50 million jews instead of only 13 million. and with 50, think of the broader population those of the left, the right, the religious, the irreligious, the reform hassids, the rightist reforms, the radical conservatives etc. etc. could all recruit. so save your manifestos, your new ideology, your solutions to judaisms and the worlds problems – just marry jews and have a lot of jewish babies, the next generation can solve the world’s problems

  2. Sexual Zionism??? What the hell is THAT all about? I have no idea what the hell that’s all about. No idea at all. None. Zionism can be sexy?
    That’s just crazy talk. I mean what? Golda Meir is sexy? David Ben Gurion? G*d help us, Ariel Sharon? Uh… hubba, hubba. I think not.

  3. Sexual zionism ought to mean some post-Solanas SCUM taking over a Pacific archipelago and rescue-helicoptering South Asians on the verge of immolation. Total rethinking of dominance. Grown women abusing boys, and girls made to abuse and kill drugged grown men, so they grow up with a totally different mind set. A refuge for all wombed humans and a vital defense against all comers, with no full citizenship or much welcome for the deformed (“men”).
    Persecution solved by militant nationalism, right?
    Who has a better claim to persecution than Jews if not women?

  4. My german community once sent out an “auspicious” girl (born in russia) to Israel to learn about culture, language and religion and probably to find a mate. Well she found one: She came back with a russian-orthodox guy – of course an orthodox christian… That wasn’t the solution we thought of…

  5. jews (religion/nation/cultur e/the whole megilla) are great because we’re so small. imagine if we were up there on the top 5 nations- all would be different, namely rabbis’ dvar torahs.
    damn dirty ape

  6. The strong, bare-chested men working the land. All that talk of ‘blooming’ and ‘bearing fruit’ is so Freudian.
    German 1930’s? Soviet 1930’s?

  7. yes, totally agree with sexual zionism and they have shilchim(emissaries) too. here in australia we have packs of israelis who are doing the post army “find yourself’ tour they live in pre-demolition homes, we call buffet houses. girls 18-21 go over, smoke some…, get to know the boys…. a year later… aliyah. it’s amazing i have 3 friend who’ve done this. who needs to be in israel, just need the buffet houses!!!!

  8. hey lozmioz, you a melb lady?
    i agree- what’s more, in the schools that have hot hesder bachurim and sherut girls, you get plenty of students marrying into zionism

  9. Alex Sharone is a man. No really. He’s also a really cool and funny man. I’ve been on trips with the dude.
    And if anyone doubts that the new “engagement” of Jewish youth is being sexualized I suggest you go on an Oranim Birthright trip.

  10. When I was in Jr. High, back in good ol’ Syosset, many of the kids in my temple (North Shore Synagogue) spent their summers at kibbutz’s. One of the main atractions were the tanned Sabra chicks, with thighs of iron, who, they told me, would gladly “put out” (they could say it in Hebrew) and thus increase my schulmates devotion to Israel. I never believed it, such behavior was not expected from Jewish girls! My more experienced friends explained to me that “these girls are israeli not Jewish, and had different standards. They also came home bragging about having handled rifles. They were tanned, fit, and seemed to have grown 2 inches. These were the kids who beat up the Goyischer boys who taunted me. So you see, there are many ways to inculcate a love of Zionism in American youth.

  11. I always got the impression that girls could find hot Israeli guys when they visited ISrael; but I know hardly any guys who have ever gotten together with israeli girls. {let’s face it guys – Israeli men can’t be beaten for looks or charm}

  12. Israelis are known world wide, and throughout the ME for their charm! Not to mention their looks. I should know, and I found out the hard way. My first wife (that kurveh!) took of with a guy from Israel, who he stabbed me into the bargain! But charming, he was that!

  13. Alex Sharone is a guy. yes, it’s a gender-ambiguous name, but I’ve talked to him a few times. He’s awesome.
    then again, I’m just gratified to see Habo quoted on Jewschool, so don’t mind me.

  14. Printed in the FORWARD, September 9, 2005
    Israel: More Than Sex
    I feel compelled to clarify my quotes in your article about the phenomenon of “Sexual Zionism” (Selling Israel With Sun, Fun, and a Whiff of Sex…,” August 19). My remarks were not an endorsement of the practice of using sex to sell Israel. My analysis about the sexualization of Israel was offered with regard to the major Israel program providers that use such tactics. My critique, which was not included in the article, was that this is a particularly superficial marketing ploy. My intent was to elucidate this opportunistic strategy that unfortunately stoops to the level of crass sexual commercialism and perpetuates a shallow vision of Israel as a romantic playground for American Jews.
    Habonim Dror, as the originator of the long-term Israel program 56 years ago, prides itself on providing deep and meaningful connections to Israel. We entice our members to come to Israel with the opportunity to take part in the creation of cooperative communities that are based on the principles of social justice, equality, peace and coexistence as envisioned by our prophets. Historically, Habonim Dror pioneers, bare-chested or not, settled the land and revolutionized Israeli society with the establishment of kibbutzim. Today, in the spirit of building a just and equitable society ion Israel, Habonim Dror graduates are creating and joining intentional urban communities that are sprouting up all of the country.
    In the context of contemporary American society, rife with consumerism that panders to the lowest common denominator of sex, I can’t say I am surprised that Israel program provides has chosen to follow the lead of the market. I can say that I expect more from reputable organizations that purport to provide positive educational values and experiences to our Jewish youth. And I know for certain, through my own experiences in Habonim Dror, that Israel, albeit a land mythically known to flow with milk and honey, has a lot more to offer than just babes and brawn.
    Alex Sharone
    National Director
    Habonim Dror North America
    New York, NY

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