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Sexy Israeli fashion shoot parodies mehadrin buses

The February issue of BelleMode, an Israeli fashion magazine, is speaking up against anti-women events in Israeli public life in its own provocative way. Their making-of video is below and here’s some of the full set. But here’s the question: protest notwithstanding, is this also sexist objectification?

Oh, and this is the first time I’ve ever checked the “fashion” category box in my life. Shehekhianu… (Hat tip Alix.)

12 thoughts on “Sexy Israeli fashion shoot parodies mehadrin buses

  1. No one is commenting? I found this entirely creepy. Although the “hareidi” men are certainly hotter than any real ones I’ve ever seen.

  2. This speaks to the darker sexuality associated with tznius…in a way, BelleMode is making its point, but in a way, they are making the haredis’ point.

  3. I don’t know that it’s any more sexist than fashion photography in general (and much less sexist than some I have seen) and the guys are hot.
    But knowing the violence/threat of violence that noncompliant women face, it’s hard not to inject that into the image. A woman surrounded by a large group of men … who are hostile to her … yeah, it’s creepy.

  4. I think Shir hits the head on the nail. What I don’t see is how this photo shoot is a constructive addition to the conversation — just seems to fan the flames of anti-haredi sentiment and seems to confirm the haredi assertion that secular society is over sexualized.

  5. This photo shoot is powerful! In an attempt to strip women of their sexuality, the charedi men are acting out their aggression against their own repressed sexuality. They are threatened by the power of female sexuality. Our sexuality has always been one of our greatest sources of power. This photo shoot is obviously co-opting women’s sexuality and objectifying women’s bodies, but no more than any other fashion advertisement in our consumer culture. At least this one has the audacity to confront us with the powerful reminder that embodied sexuality needs expression in both women and men, and has an important function in the social sphere.

  6. Fabulous presentation. Mazel tov and y’asher koach to all for a beautifully presented photo shoot with a politcal message as well.

  7. there are no place for “modesty patrols” in this world anymore. stop complaining we already receive preferential treatment all over the world and we control the money and film industry. stop whining and cut this stupid curls. we all know jewish girls ooze sexuality

  8. I have to agree with Shir; they are proving the Haredi point. While it’s a shame that this community has managed to twist Torah almost inside out, showing ad campaigns that bolster their point of view isn’t going to help.

  9. It actually depends on ones own view but I think it should be allowed. Both grild and boy, men and women are equall. Both have equall opportunities.

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