Shaanan Streett of Hadag Nachash speaks for New Israel Fund in DC, SF, NY, and LA
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Human rights and hip hop: Shaanan Street of Hadag Nachash in DC, SF, LA, and NY

Shameless plug:
Shaanan Streett, one of Israel’s most famous cultural voices is not one to shy from politics. His lyrics are proudly progressive and hit themes of peace and frustration with the state of Israeli politics.

Shaanan Streett reads soldier testimonies during the 10th anniversary of Breaking the Silence
Shaanan Streett reads soldier testimonies in Telv Aviv during the 10th anniversary of Breaking the Silence
His own life and activism reflect those aspirations. Earlier this year he and other prominent artists and musicians were named as “foreign agents” in a public smear campaign by right-wing (some say fascist) group Im Tirtzu. Along with Amos Oz, Streett refused to back down on his support for Israeli human rights groups, including New Israel Fund. Streett is a member of NIF’s International Council.
Shaanan is now making a four-city tour to tell his story through the lyrics of his hip hop and his work fighting for secular life in Jerusalem. Join us if you can:
DC 4/4 (discount code NIF7 for 50% off)
LA 4/5
SF 4/7
NYC 4/8

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