Shabbos @ LimmudNY

Just came from the pisk, psalm & poem open mic, hosted by Jewschool’s own Shamirpower, featuring performances by the amazing Chana Rothman (a brand new song debut!) and Yoshie Fruchter. Up next… a Y-Love concert! I bet you wish you were here.
Shabbos was amazing – no surprises there. 6 davvenen options erev, and 7 more in the morning, plus sessions up the wazoo – Kabbalah Kirtan with Yofiyah, a hip hop tisch with Y-love & Yuri Lane, Niggun-fest with yours truly, three different sessions on different Chassidic master (Sefat Emet, Piaseczner & Kedushat Levi), meditation, yoga, a panel featuring BZ on the role of halacha in Reform Judaism… I could go on, but I’m missing the concert. Check back for more later.

4 thoughts on “Shabbos @ LimmudNY

  1. Hi everyone from Limmud NY! I just came from a session where we learned about Sephardi maqam, and about to go lead a workshop about starting your own grassroots Jewish community.
    After I get home (or maybe tonight) I’ll blog all about the Reform halacha panel.

  2. áñ”ã
    G.od prevents us from all your reformist stuff; how you dare changing judaism as you do?, Shabbat and so on…! reform people are more dangerous for jews than no-jew. Rabbanim mus make a barrier to protect the Thora for not to be transgressed; you maybe think that your IQ or mine are superior thant Rebbi Meir Baal Hanes, Rebbi Shimon Bar Yohay or Baba Sale; poor of you; you, so-said jews, who are a real threat for jewish people, G.od will help us to make you a complete teshouva or get rid of you, reformist and conservative, definitively, amen!

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