Shabos Zmiros – Jews at SXSW

Shabos Zmiros is my weekly attempt to bring a little song into the space between the week and Shabat.
SXSW–South By Southwest, for the uninitiated–is currently underway in my hometown of Austin, Texas. It’s one of the largest music, film and multimedia conferences in the country. The sheer scale of the music festival never ceases to amaze me: hundreds of bands at hundreds of venues across the city.
And reprsenting the Jewish people, Shemspeed is there to showcase some of the NY area’s talented yids.
Here are their videos from Wednesday and Thursday, the first two nights of music at Southby.

Amen. Selah. Shabat Shalom.

3 thoughts on “Shabos Zmiros – Jews at SXSW

  1. Don’t forget the Birthright Israel NEXT/JDub “Rest Stop” Shabbat party today. Golem, Deleon, Girls in Trouble, and Fools Gold all kickin’ out some Shabbat jams from 1-6!

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