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Crossposted to The Reform Shuckle. It had become minhag hablog for me over at the Reform Shuckle to do a post called Shabos Zmiros most Fridays. It usually includes one or a few YouTube videos with some commentary from me about whichever Jewish music I’ve chosen for the week. You can check out past Shabos Zmiros posts here.
Though I usually scoff at anyone attempting to meld Jewish and Eastern spirituality, Kirtan Rabbi caught my ear. An e-mail promoting an upcoming Kirtan Rabbi event I recieved from Andrew Hahn, the Kirtan Rabbi himself, today explains Kirtan Rabbi like this:

Kirtan is call-and-response devotional chant, originally developed in India; it is a practice where you are the performers. It is at once meditative, ecstatic, and – most of all – simply fun! Bring your voices and dancing socks.

Hareini M’kabel Alai:

While working for Limmud NY, I was given a copy of a Kirtan Rabbi live at B’nai Jeshurun CD. Though I feel that I probably would scoff if I ever attended an actual Kirtan Rabbi event, the recording itself is great. It makes a perfect addition to my Shabos Zmiros playlist, the playlist I listen to all day every Friday in preparation for Shabat. Enjoy.
Hashivi Li S’soneich (with vocals by Ariel Rosen):

And that event the e-mail was about? More about that here.
Yah Ribon:

Shabat Shalom.

5 thoughts on “Shabos Zmiros – Kirtan Rabbi

  1. Hmm, I am pretty sure Susan Deikman was an originator of Jewish Kirtan…Correct me if I am wrong?
    Just curious.

  2. Hey, David, thanks for the shout-out! Please feel free to come to a Kirtan and scoff. Just do it harmoniously, if you can. Actually, you might be surprised. (I’m a Reform Rabbi, so I do know where you’re coming from!) Shalom, KR

  3. Well, this renegade rabbi loves, loves, loves the Kirtan experience and how Andrew Hahn presents it — as I meditate with it/during in – my spirit harkens back to the wilderness experience and I feel at one with my matriarchs and patriarchs…..don’t know why, maybe it hits to a primal level of my Judaism.

  4. R Hahn and Yofiyah are filled with Love and Light….Ahavah V’Or. It is Jewish Renewal; it is healing. I love it, too!

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