Shalos shudis

Howdy Hey. I’m back in the U.S. for a bit now, having lovingly fled Israel in warm terror after finishing this piece, planning to make aliya in the late fall, and taking care of some travel responsibilities for a bit… so, I’m in NYC for Shabbos. Anyone wanna come by for Shalos Shudis?
It’s my favortie part of shabbos, where the bullshit conversation dies down, and focus falls on to dirgey, deep soul melodies, quakerlike silence before speaking only when the spirit inspires, and, if you’re lucky, soul laundering tears, as a vision of the good one is longing for becomes transverbally clear.
Like anything else, it rarely works the way it’s “supposed” to, but it’s a nice time to spend with people.
344 south 3rd st.
between Keap and Hooper,
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, apt 3b
L train to lorimer, not to encourage anyone to ride a train on shabbos, but it’s nice to have reference points.
Starting around 7:30, raging a good three, four hours, depending on the voice of God. Feel welcome.

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