Sharon speaks in support of Iraq invasion

“The move carried out in Iraq…brings with it a prospect of great changes.”

Vaguely pretending to be in favor of peace with Arabs, Ariel Sharon speaks in the context of the war in Iraq after the fall of Saddam’s regime, “eventually there will be a Palestinian state” as well as his support for for Mahmoud Abbas (more commonly referred to as Abu Mazen), who is Arafat’s choice for the new Palestinian Prime Minister.

He made it clear, however that “…there will be no concessions…I do not think that we have to rule over another people and run their lives,” yet concluding with “The end of the conflict will come only with the arrival of the recognition of the Jewish people’s right to its homeland.”

Good luck, buddy, on your two state theory with lines like that. I guess for some people Sharon’s uttering of the words “Palestinian state” is enough for them. For others, just the phrase pushes him to far left for any support at all.

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