Shira Kamm: Farm All-Star

Apparently, serious Jews are allowed to work at non-explicitly Jewish farms. My friend Shira has started Wild Goose Garden recently and just got featured in the big Philadelphia newspaper.

For an economics major, Shira Kamm is handy with a shovel or a hoe. And she’s cozy behind the wheel of a truck or a tractor.
But she does tire of questions about how she manages that 12-foot truck, assumptions that she must be gay, and unwanted advice from guys.
Such is the lot of the female farmer.
Kamm, 30, just signed on to lease land from a retired couple in Glen Mills to start her own farm: Wild Goose Garden, on four acres near Cheyney University.
And that puts her among a new breed of city slickers – urbanite devotees of the Do-It-Yourself culture, committed to sustainability and ready to put their jeans to good use.

Goodluck with the 2008 season!

3 thoughts on “Shira Kamm: Farm All-Star

  1. There is a British family (the Kadoories) who made their fortune farming pigs. They’re favorite saying was “we know everything about the pig, except how it tastes.”

  2. Hey ZT!
    Just wanted to say hello. It is fun, when your friends have blogs. Or, when your friends have hogs. There were hogs on the last farm where I worked. But I have to say, I am much happier working with veggies and chickens. Just keepin’ it kosher, you know what I mean? Anyway, what makes you think I am a “serious” Jew? Don’t you think I am more like an irreverent and goofy Jew?
    Hope you are having fun in DC, being a DIY city slicker.
    Your pal,

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