Shlep Along Little Doggy

Canada’s CJAD radio talks with an unusual kinda cowboy:

In his stetson, boots, sheepskin coat and neckerchief, Hy Burstein is every inch the raw-boned, western cowboy, part Grey Fox, part Ben Cartwright.

And while at 76 he walks with a bit of a stoop, he still rides several times a week, as he has done for more than a half-century. Burstein has a spread (he calls it a farm, not a ranch) at Bolton, Ont., near Toronto and a river runs through it. In addition to his own horses, he takes in animals other people no longer want.

While he isn’t exactly a horse whisperer, he knows the secrets of talking gently to a horse and treating it properly.

“You trust a horse, they’ll trust you,” says the retired businessman. “I can read a horse. The horse can read me, too.”

But Burstein, as his name suggests, is a most unlikely cowpoke. He’s Jewish.

Well, I mean, it’s not that unlikely. I happen to know two Jewish cowgirls and a Rabbi who might bring you to reasses your assumptions…

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