Shock Theatre

The JTA brings us this lovely photograph from Wednesday’s exceptionally tasteless protest of The Passion, organized by Amcha and staged at a theatre showing the film on the Upper West Side.

“‘The Passion casts Jews as being Jesus-killers,’ said Rabbi Avi Weiss, veteran activist and president of Amcha-The Coalition for Jewish Concerns. ‘This lie planted the seeds of the Holocaust.'”

Ugh. (c/o The Village Idiots)

5 thoughts on “Shock Theatre

  1. What a bunch of jerks to do this. it makes all us Jews look like jerks.
    Can you organise a picket outside Amcha to protest at the way in which they protest?

  2. Yeah, but if you did that, then someone would protest around you, saying they don’t agree with Amcha but think we need to have solidarity with our fellow Jews. And then some anti-Israel group would counterprotest, thinking it was a pro-Israel rally, then someone would set up a deli cart and make a fortune. But I digress.

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