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I have a piece over at the JewishJournal about Alan Greenspan’s shocking revelation that greed might cloud the mind of inestment bankers who otherwise would have your best interests in mind.
The bottom line is:

Perhaps now, as Greenspan walks off into the night, a pathetic has-been idolator, we will be empowered to see justice and righteousness as the principles on which to ground our economy.

4 thoughts on “Shocked…!

  1. Did anyone notice the people praying around the gold-colored Wall Street Bull yesterday. Apparently, they missed that memo.

  2. Shorter Steve Sailer: It was the blacks.
    Seriously now – you talk as if the lending practices of minorities (and others) at the bottom have more influence than lending (and trade, and investment) practices of the very top!

  3. The browns (hispanics) actually.
    Furthere, it’s not about the lending practices OF minorities, it’s about lending practices TO minorities.

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