Short and Long Term Aides to Combat LimmudNY Withdrawl

Miss LimmudNY? Looking for someplace where you can bang on the table while singing zmirot? Are you wondering just how in the hell you’re gonna go a year without being at Kutshers? Well, have I got the cure for you, kids…
Kol Zimrah is meeting for a rockin, rawcous way to greet the Shabbas Queen. This Friday, 6:30pm at the SAJ (15 W 86th St), come join in the singing, praying, and merriment! And if you’re wondering about shabbas dinner plans, just bring something to share and join us for the tasty potluck afterwards. I promise I’ll be providing something delicious. And afterwards, more singing! more banging on tables, until we get kicked out and possibly choose another place to sing some more!
This is great, you’re thinking, but I was looking for something, well, longer. Kabbalat Shabbat is awesome, but I need a several day fix? What can I do, Ruby?
I’m glad you asked. The National Havurah Committee’s Summer Institute is seven months away, but I promise you, once you get hold of the course listing, you’ll want to register yesterday. It’s a week long program complete with multiple day classes, workshops galore on numerous topics, creative sessions, jams, learning, a talent show, multiple prayer options, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to swim in the lake or ride in a golf cart. It’s on a beautiful college campus near the mountains in New Hampshire. Plus, if you’ve never been before, you might be able to get a 90 % fellowship with the Everett Fellows program. An awesome week with great programming, food and lodging paid for for around 100 bucks. Some people I know (well, me) have called it “one of the best week of their life.”
BZ tells me you’ll be able to register online soon. So keep an eye out, I know that several of the bloggers on here will be keeping you up to date as the institute rolls closer.

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