Shouldn’t this be in a museum somewhere?

While strolling along East 57th Street yesterday, my mom stumbled across a collector’s shop called Gotta Have It! and stopped in for a brief glance around. Amongst their collection she was staggered to find Marilyn Monroe’s certificate of conversion, signed by she and recently deceased playwright Arthur Miller, for whom she joined the faith.

This is Marilyn Monroe’s actual “Certificate of Conversion” to Judaism from her marriage to famed playwright Arthur Miller. This unbelievable document was signed by Monroe on her wedding day, July 1, 1956, along with Arthur Miller, famed photographer Milton Greene (as witness) and Rabbi Robert Goldburg, in blue ballpoint pen.


Miller wrote a screen adaptation for his story “Esquire” with a part for Marilyn, that premiered as the film “The Misfits,” one week after their marriage ended, four years later.

This outstanding piece of American-Jewish pop-culture history can be yours for the mere sum of $60,000! Because, after all, you’ve just gotta have it!


9 thoughts on “Shouldn’t this be in a museum somewhere?

  1. Odd. An Albert Einstein signed postcard goes for $5,500 and a signed letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe goes for a mere $2,900. There’s a lesson in there somewhere I’m sure…

  2. cc- I think you are right, that the halacha prohibits conversion for the sake of marriage, in fear that if you get divorced, you’ll no longer have any interest in Judaism. So it seems to be a question of intent, which is often hard to establish ….
    However, Shulchan Aruch also says, ““If they (the judges) didn’t check his motivations for converting, or if they didn’t inform him of the rewards and punishments for the commandments, and he was circumcised and immersed in a mikveh in the presence of three lay people (not an official rabbinical court), he is still considered a convert, even if later on we find out that he did convert because of an ulterior motive. Since he was circumcised and immersed, he is no longer a non-Jew… Even if he returns to idol worship he is as an apostate Jew who can contract valid marriages.” (Yore De’ah 268:12).

  3. This certificate can be seen in Midtown Manhatten. I think on 57th street. Funny I just saw this a few weeks ago, in the window of this store

  4. That converstion aight Kosher round my parts! I would’ve liked to see a little sneetus from her ( I Know I butchered the spelling of that)

  5. Adamchik,
    Actually, The conversion is in doubt because it only works if it was for correct motivations. That law is saying that the person can no longer back out. Once they did the process and “claimed” to do it for no ulterior motivations we don’t believe that he/she wasn’t serious- maybe they were serious and only now changed. Therefore they must keep all commandments and anyone he/she marries needs a Get – All bacause of doubt.
    Now if the rabbi “Knew” it was fake…that’s another question.
    These “Rabbis” have to be exposed.

  6. I have always wondered why Marilyn Monroe was not
    buried in a jewish cementery, according to jewish law.
    Who said kaddish for her?.
    Since it was Joe Dimaggio who made the arrangement
    and not ex-husband Arthur Miller, he chose as he wanted.
    Why didn’t Marilyn jewish friends raise their voice in
    protest. Why didn’t jewish Lee Strassberg, Paula Strassberg, The Norman Rostens, Billy Wilder, Doctors
    Engelberg and Greenson, all of her jewish entourage,
    her jewish agents. I guess in 1962 jews in America still
    wanted to keep a ‘low profile”.
    It was only later with the appearance of jews like
    Barbra Streisand and Bob Dylan, that jews became proud
    of their heritage.
    Poor Marilyn. No one is saying Kadish for her on her
    yuhrzait date.
    She divorced Arthur Miller, but she did not divorce
    herself from judaism. She even mentioned in her last
    interview that she hopes that one day there will be
    peace between arabs and jews.
    Please note a curious jewish line by Marilyn in one of
    her last movies LETS MAKE LOVE. In a scene from the
    movie she used the yiddish expression “Meshugennah”.
    Bravo Marilyn, you were an american jewish princess.

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