5 thoughts on “Showdown At The Wall

  1. I don’t understand. Maybe people have no right to harass them, but as far giving them rights or whatever, I disagree. A religion doesn’t have to change to accomodate peoples’ ideas or a time’s Womens’ Rights etc. If there are people who don’t like Judaism as it’s been for thousands of years, by all means make your own religion, but don’t expect recognition from ‘old fashioned’ Jews.

  2. There’s nothing against halakhah in what Women of the Wall want to do. No one is trying to start a new religion here; dozens of Orthodox women’s tefillah groups exist worldwide, many with rabbinical support, and there is no reason women should not be able to read Torah at our holiest accessible site. Did you know that according to BT Megillah 23a, women are allowed to receive aliyot to the Torah? Old-fashioned Judaism, indeed.

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