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Shul on the B(ea)tch

Shul On the Beach    Shul On the Beach

I was hanging out in California last week and saw this on the boardwalk of Venice Beach. “Sexetera” on the right, on the left of the Shul is the “Phoenix House,” a half-way home. What symbolism! I always suspected that religion is something between rehab and kinks. Finally, the big truth came right into the focus of my digital camera and incense-blurred eyes, in the mecca of a Californian beach. Thank G-d, now we all know where it’s at. My friend Sipai, who introduced me to the sight, muses on the subject.

4 thoughts on “Shul on the B(ea)tch

  1. Thats my cousins shul, fri night is beautiful, right before the fri night prayers they all walk out to watch the sun set over the ocean.

  2. Hey, I used to live a block from that Shul…
    I lived on Ocean Front and Westminster…. I lived in Venice beach for almost 5 years between 1985 and 1990…. Shout out to all the Venice Shoreline Locals!
    Michael U

  3. The Pacific Jewish Center on the Venice, California boardwalk continues daily for the past 65 years to be SOUL SURVIVOR of the Shuls on the Beach. Since their restructuring in 1978, literally 1000’s of young adults have grown thru their experiences there. Many original 1978 Founders still reside and participate at the world famous Pacific Jewish Center on the Venice Boardwalk. I am proud to have had the wonderful opportunity not just living there for 20 years, but raising our family, who are all participants in the Torah World. Incidently, for those who are ‘offended’ by the front end, in the 1960’s during the Vietnam War there were Free Speakers voicing their opinions up and down the boardwalk, in front of this shul and others. For those who are offended by the front door, this quaint Shul has a wonderful rear door entrance as well. What happens between the walls is what counts.
    We respectively remain,
    Harry and Beth Green and Family

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